What Gamecock Bloodlines Can Give You The Most Win

I’ve been often asked by friends and acquaintances what gamecock bloodlines suit my taste as a cock fighting aficionado. This is the normal question that one would encounter nowadays because there has been a lot of focus on the genetic foundation of fighting cocks as compared to before.

If before it is hard to determine from what particular bloodline a rooster came from, now most cockfighting enthusiasts can readily tell what breed a cock is and what are its expected potentials inside the ring. They can even go to the extent of determining what breed should be pitted against a particular opponent. If the opponent is a Kelso and therefore known as a flyer, they would want to fight it with a bloodline that fights intelligently on the ground like a Ruble for instance.

Because of scientific breeding, expert gamecock breeders were able to make the fighting characteristics of a rooster more pronounced. This is where they got identified by other cockers because their bloodlines will fight the same way over and over again. It became easy therefore to find the right opponent for a particular breed.

This is the reason why a lot of big time breeders that got the limelight before because of their breed of fighting cocks are not as dominant in major circuits right now. Other breeders just found out the right antidote to equalize or even beat them consistently. Breeding fighting cocks is a scientific procedure so experts in this line can produce the kind of gameness that they want from a fighting cock.

So what are the ideal gamecock bloodlines that should be maintained and propagated? The answer here will vary. If you’re a regular cock fighting aficionado who fights only in hack fights, it is easy to choose the bloodline that’s right for you. You can have one to three excellent bloodlines and its okay. Opponents in ordinary hack fights do not care about your bloodline as their main concern is just the size and height of your rooster.

But if you’re a big time cocker with a gamefarm, it is better to have as many bloodlines ready as much as possible. This is now the approach of many big time breeders and cockers. They have so many bloodlines available in their farm that it is hard to determine what particular breed they will be using for a fight. It is hard to predict now how their fighting cocks will perform on top of the ring. It is also ideal for commercial purposes.

They could have an entry that is a flyer and then the next would be an intelligent grounder and multi-shuffler. At first they wily use a hatch gray and then later on would use a Butcher for example. It is also normal for them to enter a wild card or a surprise breed just to throw off an opponent in projecting what breed they will enter in a cock fight. It is like a game of poker in some cases and it boils down to being able to size up your opponent and to throw them off.

Remember that roosters can only fight according to the dictates of their genetics. If it is a flyer, there is no amount of training that can make it excel in a ground fight as compared to those breeds that are genetically identified with ground fighting. They are not like human boxers that can be trained from a southpaw to adapt an orthodox stance and be as effective in both hands.

If the gamecock bloodline dictates that the cock is a flyer, then you can only maximize this potential and nothing more. But it is also possible to inject a bloodline that can make a flyer to also become a ground fighter. But this requires many generations of cross-breeding and line-breeding of your gamefowl. You also run the risk of getting less gameness in the process.

To win in hack fights and even derbies, you have to select gamecock bloodlines with deep gameness to begin with and from there do what is necessary to make sure that its characteristics and abilities are maximized to the hilt. To this end, you have to give your breed the needed support starting from ranging when they are still young, training and conditioning, pointing and up to the pit.

To sum it all up, there are so many choices for the best gamecock bloodlines available for you to choose. The last part of the responsibility is to have that knowledge in terms of identifying the right opponent for your fighting cock. Knowing the breeder and the bloodline that he’s using are very important. If you can do this, you have more than 50% chance of winning most of the time. As a sabungero, it is not only pure luck that you should count on.

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