Tough Gamecock Bloodlines

Gamecock Bloodlines

There are many questions on what gamecock bloodlines are the most ideal for cockfighting. While there may be no particular bloodline that dominated the pit for a long time, still there are rooster strains that withstood the test of time and still present in today’s breeding program of many breeders. Aside from the deep gameness that these fighting cocks possess, they are also known to produce excellent hybrids.

Kelso bloodline

This breed of fighting cock normally comes high stationed and with some white color combination in its tail. It is a very strong breed that is a flyer and hard hitter. One feature of this type of rooster is that it is not a multi-shuffler and prefers to down its opponent with a single solid strike to the body. Kelso is a solid bloodline that is used to produce other strains. This is a very popular bloodline that you can readily see in any cockpit or gamefarm. There is probably no breeder who has not tried producing this strain.

The original breeder of this strain is Mr. Walter Kelso thus the name was derived from its breeder.

Hatch bloodline

This bloodline comes in dark and yellow legged. It serves as a very good foundation for breeding especially if you want to infuse deep gameness into your strains. The hatch bloodline is a good source of hybrid vigor that is why you will see a lot of new strains with hatch genes. This strain grows to medium station and known as an excellent ground fighter that waits for the opponent to come down. It is good in weaving and avoiding strikes from its opponent. Some of the excellent strains produced by using the hatch are hatch grey and Mclean hatch, and Blueface hatch among others.

Grey bloodline

The grey bloodline of fighting cocks come medium stationed and straight combed. It is also a good foundation for breeding and crossing with other bloodlines. When crossed with a hatch it can produce a deadly gamecock that is why hatch-grey is very popular. Greys are excellent cutters and therefore ideal when cross bred with a ground fighter like a hatch.

Roundhead bloodline

This is probably one of the few bloodlines that is not named after its creator. Roundheads are known flyers and also equipped with good cutting ability. Many of the fighting cocks right now have genes of this strain. It resulted from combining different gamecock bloodlines like Hatch, Butchers, and even the old favorite Claret. So far, the most popular of the Roundheads is the strain developed by an American Judge named Lacy so his strain is called Lacy Roundhead.

Sweater bloodline

The Sweater bloodline has a colorful and shadowy origin as it is not clearly known who developed this relatively young bloodline. So many breeders have this strain in their farm so it is difficult to tell which of them has the best line. This bloodline is known to be a multiple hitter and does not give its opponent much space to fight back.

Sweaters are called cyclists in some cockpits because it has feet that throw rapid kicks just like a cyclist would on his bike pedal. As of now, the Sweater McGinnis is considered as the source of many sweaters in breeders’ farm although there are also others produced and popularized by other breeders. Some breeders even gave their own strain the name Super Sweater.

Pick your choice of gamecock bloodlines and start breeding, fighting or both.

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