Top College Courses That Ensure Employment In The Philippines

Both unemployment and underemployment are high in the Philippines because not many people know what are the top college courses that must be taken.   More often, graduates land in jobs that are totally unrelated to the course they finished.  This has been happening for decades now and unless the parents or students themselves do something about it, it will continue to be this way.

This is because most colleges and universities don’t really offer a solid program to determine what particular courses must be offered to serve the needs of the society.  They just offer courses at large and it is up to the students to choose which among the offered courses they prefer.

For in-demand courses, they even set a quota or number of students that can be accepted.  This limits the chances of the students and they are forced to settle for other courses that are not appropriate for employment to begin with.

This dilemma can be avoided if you as a parent or student, know what are the courses that must be taken in college.  The department of Labor and Employment has actually came up with a list of jobs that will be in-demand for the next 5 to 10 years ( ) and it serves as a good source of information on what courses can be taken to ensure employment after graduation.

The list concentrates on the jobs that will be in-demand for the next few years.  It is then important to look at those jobs and then identify what courses must be taken to qualify for those jobs.  The DOLE has identified the jobs, let me then point you out to the top college courses that must be taken.


Aside from those listed by Dole, the government can provide sure employment if you will enroll in one of the police and military academies.  They offer full-scholarship and accepted applicants can look forward to a monthly salary while they are still cadets in the academy.  After graduation,  you will be assigned to one of the branches of service depending on your chosen academy.

2.  Veterinary Medicine 

This field of discipline has not many graduates that is why demand is continuous and even expected to increase.  Allied courses of this field must also be considered.

3.  Business Agriculture and related fields 

Perhaps considered as a blue collar type of profession, not many students want to enroll in this course.  But the demand is high and the employment is almost always certain  

4.  Information Technology

Everything about the Internet can be a good source of employment be it programming, web design, Virtual assistant jobs, Digital Arts, etc.  The internet revolution will continue and more and more experts in the worldwide web will be needed.

5.  Nursing

Yes, with the growing population and more and more old people living longer, health services are bound to make a rebound in a few years time.

6.  Hotel and Restaurant Management and related courses

This has something to do with the expected increase in tourism business around the country.

7.  Engineering courses

This field of discipline has never lost its luster.  Graduates of this discipline will remain competitive in terms of employment both locally and abroad.  They build the world.  Everything you see around has some engineering in it so this kind of profession is in demand in almost all industries.

8.  Business courses  

This field has actually produced a lot of graduates and they can be found in almost all industries.  They will continue to be in-demand as businesses grow and therefore always considered as one of the top college courses in the Philippines.

If you are thinking of getting Liberal Arts courses, better think twice or even 100 times!  Unless you intend to go into teaching, the courses under Liberal Arts are not competitive in terms of employment.  The jobs available to AB graduates can also be performed by business grad students and employers prefer those that can be trained easily in other fields for re-shuffling purposes.

When you join a company, you will readily notice that they don’t have a liberal arts department.  Of course they don’t, so why do you have to take one of the liberal arts courses?  Companies always have marketing departments, accounting, purchasing, customer support, and other profit centered divisions and most of the employees there are business course graduates.

Perhaps Personnel or HRD is the only department where liberal arts graduates can be found and they are too few.  Liberal Arts is simply not among the top college courses right now.

It is often said that one has to follow his/her passion.  If you think the course you have in mind is not among the top college courses mentioned here, it is up to you to still pursue your passion.  Just remember that we live in a society and most often, the demands and signs of the times have a great influence on where our path should be.

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