Tips in Cutting Gamecock Spur (Tahid)


When your gamecock reaches a certain age, it becomes necessary to trim its spur or tahid. It is necessary whether you intend to fight the rooster or not. When it is trimmed, it makes the cock look good and it can also prevent the trouble of both spurs impeding the regular station as well as the walking capability of the rooster.

When to cut the spur

If you intend to fight your stag in a derby, the spur must be uncut. Derby rules mandate that the spur must not be cut so the officials can determine the age of the fighting cock. In most cases, the gamecock spur is ready for trimming when the cock is aged at least one year. This will ensure that the spur is already hard enough and you can avoid making it bleed in the process of cutting.

Do it in the morning

The trimming process must be done in the morning. You rooster just had a whole night’s rest so it is well relaxed and not stressed. Remember that every activity fighting cocks are introduced subjects them to stress and trimming of gamecock spur is one of such activities.

Prepare the tools

You will need a sharp hacksaw in cutting the spur. Prefer to use a brand new blade or one that has not been used yet to cut metal. If it is used but still sharp, make sure to wash it with alcohol with 70% grade. You may also need a few cotton balls if the cut happens to bleed. Along with these, prepare also a topical antiseptic that can be used for the wound if it occurs.

Distance between the leg and the spur

Cockers do not follow an exact standard as to how long of the gamecock spur should remain. The general idea is that it must not be long or too short to encounter difficulty in fitting the sparring gloves. If it is too long, the gloves will not fit well while if it is too short, the gloves become useless as it will just loosen up and be dislocated.

Most cockers however agree that it must be to a length that there will be no wound created. Bleeding is avoided as much as possible and this is the reason why the more aged the cock, the better when trimming the spur.

How to prevent bleeding

The cut should be at least 1.3cm away from the leg of the cock. Some cockers prefer it to be about an inch away. You should be able to determine the proper distance to prevent bleeding after a few times of conducting the trimming procedure.

What to do when it bleeds

Get the cotton ball and fill it with the topical antiseptic you prepared. Rub it on the bleeding portion of the spur. The bleeding should stop in a moment but if it does not stop; tape the cotton ball with the antiseptic on the bleeding spur and cover it with the glove used in sparring so your cock won’t be able to peck on it.

Some cockers do it right the first time around while others needed a few times to learn how to trim gamecock spur. You have to be able to determine if the spur is ripe for trimming and it can be done by looking at how mature the spurs are as well as the length to be trimmed. Remember that stags spur tend to bleed easily as compared to matured cock spurs.

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