The Quest for Super Gamecock Bloodlines

Super gamecock bloodlines

For many years now, breeders of gamefowl have been trying to develop a strain of gamecock bloodlines that can dominate all other strains in cockpits. While this is normal and the necessary result of the very competitive nature of this sport, nowadays there seems to be a mad dash among breeders to come up with that super breed of chicken. They have the breeding materials, facilities, and the technical know-how that can guide them into breeding new strains of gamefowl so it is only a natural knee-jerk reaction to venture into deeper research of how to blend existing breeds to come up with a hybrid that can dominate any and all competitors.

Is creating super gamecock bloodlines still possible

In the last few decades, the cockfighting scene has been dominated by a few gamecock bloodlines produced by notable American breeders like Judge Lacy who popularized the Lacy Roundhead, Johnny Jumper, Billy Ruble, Richard Bates, Walter Kelso and many other breeders whose names are already etched in the history of cockfighting. Their gamecock bloodlines continue to be used by new breeders even long after they are gone.

While the Americans had their share of excellent bloodlines, the local Filipino breeders also managed to produce their own strain. There is the Zamboanga White of Boy Primalion that crashed into the scene in the 90s. It won many derbies that it immediately became a much sought after bloodline by many local breeders. The famed Mitra cock also had its share of prestige and the same is also true with Lemon 84 of Mr. Paeng Araneta. With the exception of Mitra cock, all of these Filipino strains are still competing and registering decent wins in many derbies and especially in ordinary hackfights.

Right now there are a lot of gamecock bloodlines available for cockfighting enthusiasts to choose. Some of the serious gamecock breeders actually never stopped developing a new strain that can prove better than its predecessors. Blakliz is one example of a relatively new rooster bloodline that is showing promise in the pit along with other lines produced by notable local breeders such as the Super Kelso of Mr. Biboy Enriquez. The multitude of bloodlines available nowadays allows the breeders to produce many hybrids out of them. But the question remains on whether it is still possible to produce super gamecock bloodlines that can prove much better than the present genetic pool of chickens.

Looking at how early breeders were able to produce superior stock out of the old genes, the quest for better gamecock strain is still very much possible. Breeders know this and that is why most of the serious ones are hot on the trail of finding the right genetic combinations. Many believe that there is still a lot of room to produce a better gamefowl strain than what we have today. But who among the notable breeders would be able to produce the next best strain of fighting cocks is still a wild guess.

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One Response to The Quest for Super Gamecock Bloodlines

  1. Eddie Isles says:

    Developing a winning bloodlines had no ending.A good example is the sweater.Sweater will not last long as top bloodlines in the country.So far Engineer Sonny Lagon & Mr. Nene Abello still using the sweater. The two breeder know their bloodlines very well.So far the lemon of Dicky Lim is winning very high in WSC 2006. Base on this breeders, it is a matter of choice what you expect to your breeding materials that will produce your winning crosses. As long as your bloodlines is winning high & making a profit on your breeding program, you don,t need to dominate cockfighting. A good knowledgeable cocker like Mr Dicky Lim & breeder Idol Lance De La Torre is my idol to learn their style. I have the experience as a cocker as guide. Idol Lance is breeding commercially & selling his 4,000 production st 2 months old & keep some for finance. That is @ Ph 6 million sales revenue/year not counting finance in cockfighting.

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