Some Filipino Breeders with Excellent Gamefowl Bloodlines

Gamefowl bloodlines

The World Slasher Cup (WSC) is considered as the Olympics of cockfighting and it is where  breeders’ gamefowl bloodlines are pitted against each other. Only the best breeders of gamecocks have the courage to join this ultimate event and it is where the best of breeds among gamecock bloodlines are fought. Once crowned as champion in WSC, a breeder  suddenly shoots to fame and will earn the recognition as well as admiration of many cockers.

During the early years of WSC, the Americans dominated the field and won each time. It was the Lemon 84 of Mr. Paeng Araneta who broke the winning streak of the Americans and from then on the World Slasher Derby became a free for all and ultimately it became a competition that Filipinos would dominate every now and then in a convincing fashion.

Here is a link for excellent Philippine bred gamecocks if you are interested to read further.

Although there are a lot of Filipino gamefowl breeders who became champions at the WSC, to name them all here would result in losing focus as to who of them are considered the best right now. To remain in focus therefore, let us just look at the breeders who dominated the Slasher Cup from 2000 to 2012.

Rey Briones – Spartans Gamefarm 2003/2011/2012 WSC Champion

Also called as “Tata Rey”, Rey Briones is the owner of Spartan Gamefarm located at the foot of Sierra Madre Mountains in Bulacan. He surprised sabong world when he won the 2003 WSC with his Islander RB entry. He proved that the first championship was not a “Tsamba” when later on he won the 2011 and 2012 World Slasher Cup with his local bred Spartan Gamefowl bloodlines. This signature bloodline is said to have come from a mix of Sweater, Albany, Hatch, and Roundhead but the exact bloodlines composition is not known. The farm has now bloodlines called Spartan Red, Spartan White, Spartan Bulik, Spartan Black and Spartan Gold.

Patrick Antonio – Sagupaan Gamefarm 2000/2007/2011 Champion at the World Slasher.

Known as the “Idol” in Philippine cockfighting circles, Patrick Antonio has been around for decades in the sabong scene. Not much information is available about his farm and his gamefowl bloodlines but his exploits in the World Slasher Cup and the many trophies he won in local derbies have established his name as one of the best cockers over the years. While some breeders just won once or twice in international derbies and then faded, Mr. Antonio is known to always stay competitive and therefore respected by other cockers.

GenGen Arayata – Agilahas Farm in Tanza Cavite 2007/2008 WSC Champion.

Known for his Super Bulik (Dom), GenGen Arayata shot to fame when he won back to back WSC championship in 2007 and 2008 respectively. He comes from a family of cockers and therefore has solid foundation as a breeder. In an interview, he said his famous Doms originally came from Congressman Lagbas (deceased) of Cagayan De Oro. He crossed the Dom with a yellow legged hatch and later on with a Sheryll Penny bloodline to strengthen the foundation.

Dicky and Jimi Lim –Winslet Gamefarm 2002/2006 WSC Champion

Winslet Gamefarm is one of the well known gamefowl bloodlines breeder in the Philippines and they have farms to house thousands of their stocks. The name Winslet actually means “Let’s Win” read backwards and it is a name that continues to make waves in cockfighting arenas around the country. Some of the famous bloodlines of Winslet are Lemons, Brass Back, Greys, Sweater, Kelso and Hatch and these lines are kept in what is touted as one  of the most modern and  best equipped farms in the country.

Engineer Sonny Magtibay – Red Cobra Gamefarm 2010 World Slasher Cup Champion

Prior to winning the 2010 Slasher Cup, Red Cobra Gamefarm of Eng’r Sonny Magtibay already registered convincing wins in the local derby circuit such as Bakbakan. Although he has yet to win his second championship, it is believed that it will come soon because he has the stock to stay competitive even in the coming years.  Main bloodlines are Sweaters, Kelso, Grey, Richard Bates Black and other outstanding gamefowl bloodlines.

There are other breeders known to produce excellent gamefowl bloodlines but a lot of them still have to show a trophy coming from the World Slasher. There are also breeders who won in the 1990s but somehow they failed to duplicate the feat in 2000 and beyond. The Filipino breeders mentioned here are expected to still dominate the WSC in the coming years because of their superior gamecock bloodlines but as they say in cockfighting, any breeder who has good breeding materials and excellent conditioning methods has a chance to win the coveted WSC trophy.

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