Richard Yap Sizzles As Sir Chief

Richard Yap Sir Chief

Richard Yap holds the distinction of becoming a Philippine celebrity heartthrob at the age of 45.  He exudes this distinct charisma that sizzles with both Kolehiyalas and middle aged women.  It has not been long since he first graced the TV screens and immediately gained solid following particularly with women audiences.

His first real break came when he was casted as Papa Chen In Binondo Girl.  Entertainment and celebrity magazines buzzed with topics and discussions about this good looking Chinese-Filipino actor who did not really act so good but nevertheless exuded an aura of strong screen presence.  He was just telegenic no matter what angle he was exposed.

Prior to becoming a TV celebrity, he was a commercial model and said to have taken the part of a chef in a ChowKing commercial.  He was barely noticed there of course. He worked as an officer in a furniture company while commercial modelling at the same time.

With the success of his next TV assignment, Be Careful With My Heart,  ABS-CBN gave him a contract for a few years.  This means Sir Chief will stay with Kapamilya channel 2 for three years and possibly make movies with them.  With this new contract, he decided to resign from the furniture company he’s working for and will concentrate on his showbiz career.

Be Careful With My Heart is one blockbuster TV series that somehow changed the viewing habit of tele-viewers.  If before prime time shows are usually in the early evening, the show made it early morning and still received excellent ratings.

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Other information you might be interested about Richard Yap

Birthdate    :  May 18, 1967
Birth Place :  Cebu
Height        :  5’9
Married  to :  Melody Yap
Children    :  Two
Network    :  Channel 2 Kapamilya

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