Problems Normally Encountered in Gamecock Breeding

Problems Normally Encountered in Breeding Gamecocks

Gamecock breeding is still a growing business as more and more neophytes are entering this field. Some have the money and resources to start it big right from the start while there are also those who started with backyard breeding. The result of the effort is mixed since breeding fighting cocks is actually not for everybody. This is because even a rich individual may end up losing in this venture. But in most instances, the small breeders are the ones normally hit hard by problems that are inherent in gamefowl breeding.

Below are some of the problems normally encountered in gamecock breeding:

1. Lack of excellent breeding material

When you are just starting out in breeding gamecocks, the first major concern is to look for excellent materials that will form the foundation of your stock. This is actually a big problem for a lot of beginners because not too many breeders are willing to sell their top of the line bloodlines. Most of them only sell class B stocks and the class A stocks are reserved for their own use.

When you talk to any breeder engaged in commercial production of gamefowl, you will hear all positive attributes about the bloodline they are selling. There is actually no guarantee that what you are buying can give you high winning percentage so it is always a gamble if you are starting out in breeding gamecocks.

2. Lack of experience in breeding methods

This is the problem of most neophyte breeders. A good number of them have no solid idea on how to go about with breeding. Mating between a rooster and a hen is the most basic form of breeding but there are methods used to produce the best line or to come up with the desired characteristics of a particular bloodline. New breeders in particular have no solid idea about in-breeding techniques so what happens is a hit and miss kind of breeding.

With big breeders, they hire experts to handle the breeding for them to make sure that the right mix is made between bloodlines.

3. High cost of feeds

The expensive price of feeds is also a dilemma for a lot of breeders whether big or small. For some big time breeders, they are forced to sell their stock to make sure that the expenses in maintaining the gamefarm is covered. A good number of them are now producing stocks for commercial purposes while also producing stocks for their own use. There are also those who are in the business purely for commercial purposes.

4. Farm health and sanitation issues

There is also the need to spend for the vaccination and supplements of chickens aside from feeds. If vaccination and use of antibiotics as well as vitamins are not applied, health issues can become a big problem whether it is a farm or a backyard breeding venture.

5. Theft of gamecocks

Because of the expensive price of gamecocks, it has become the usual target of thieves. Theft of gamecocks is very rampant whether in game farms or backyards and some breeders even think of giving up early on because of this problem. Some breeders are actually faced by theft both from the inside and outside.

This is because some farm hands are also guilty of theft. They steal not just matured fighting cocks and hens but also eggs and they sell it to interested parties. The illegal trade of stolen fighting cocks is rampant because thieves sell them for just a fraction of the going price.

6. Lack of space

When the space is small, it is difficult to flourish in gamecock breeding. There must be complete facilities like flying pens, scratch pens, space for ranging among others. For small time breeders, they are mostly contented with producing stocks for their own use and could no longer produce stocks for commercial purposes.

There are many other problems encountered in gamecock breeding especially by beginners. If you have other experiences, kindly share them here through the comment section so other breeders can get a grip and find a solution early on.

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