PNPA Class of 2016 : Masundayaw Incorporation Rites

It was exactly 9 o’clock in the morning of July 7, 2012 when the ceremony for the formal incorporation of PNPA Masundayaw Class 2016 to the Corps of Cadets started.  The Academy Grandstand was filled with relatives and friends of 4th class cadets and those who were not able to find limited seats contented themselves by watching the parade on the side of the field.  The incorporated Masundayaw 4th class cadets displayed their newly acquired skills in drills and rifle handling with every command relayed by their class president executed snappily by them and applauded heavily by excited parents.

It was a kind of show where parents were given a preview on how far their children have progressed since May 1, 2012 when the plebes started their 45 days breaking period.  The ceremony also marked the final formation where the 4th class cadets blended with their upperclassmen.  It was a welcome and encouraging sight for the parents to see that their child is finally wearing the official maroon uniform of the PNPA Corps of Cadets.

Another exciting and entertaining part of the ceremony was the presentation of the 3rd Class Silent Drill Company.  Visitors were treated not just to a snappy presentation of this group but they also delighted the crowd with their dancing skills.  It was especially elating to see the female cadets in front dance their heart out complete with facial expressions that go with every beat.  Their performance level was to the max and one spectator even gushed:  Ang gagaling nila sumayaw, ang kukulit!

The Incorporation actually marks the period where the Masundayaw 4th class cadets will start to join the upperclassmen in the barracks.  They are divided into companies and each company will have all the the upperclassmen mixed with the new cadets.  It is the start of getting to know each other well because they will share the same barracks every day with the upperclassmen supervising and teaching their underclass.every step of the way.

The next time most parents will see their child will be during the Recognition rites sometime in November or December of this year and it is the time when the 4th class cadets can be said to have earned the right to fully be a member of the Corps.  Not so many are expected to resign after the incorporation rites but a few might still quit before the recognition rites later this year.  From the original 350 excluding the reserve applicants, they are now down to below 280.  To the PNPA  Masundayaw Class of 2016, you made your relatives and friends proud as well as the institution you now belong.  Congratulations!

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