PNPA Entrance Exams

PNPA Entrance ExamsThe applicants for the PNPA entrance exam every year are increasing.  This is a welcome development because the country needs more police officers in the field to replace those who are retiring and also to meet the growing number of non-commissioned officers from PO1 to SPO4.

The first batch of examinees will be subjected to a written exam to test their mental readiness to join the Police academy.  The PNPA entrance exams will be composed of subjects in different fields and aimed to measure knowledge in certain areas like math, science, English proficiency, reasoning, logic, and even mental consistency.  The battery of tests are actually easy for those who have a solid foundation in High School education.

If there is one subject that’s very important for applicants, it is the mastery of the English language as this is one of the major concerns of the academy.

Applicants who have started their university education naturally have an advantage over those who are just graduating from high school.  But it is not a guarantee that those with college education will surely pass.  It is worthy to note that there are a lot of cadets in the academy who received university education before taking the PNPA entrance exams.  There are also those who are already graduates and have college degrees so they are naturally at an advantage.

First Exam 

The maximum age for an applicant should be 21 years old and this is the reason why a lot of them are already in college.  But there are also cadets in the academy who took the PNPA entrance exams while they are graduating high school students and they are the young ones aged 17 or 18.

More than 20,000 applicants took the first exam in 2011.  This year, the number of applicants to the PNPA entrance exams is expected to be higher than the last year.  The number can be expected to reach 30,000 for succeeding years since most of those who failed in the exams the previous year are also expected to take the following  year’s exam.

Second Exam

After the first exam sometime the last week of October, another written exam is scheduled by December to early January.  The first exam is an opportunity for the academy to choose the top 1,500 candidates.  Successful examinees will then go through the second stage of the exam.

The second stage will further cut the number of applicants to about half.  Normally, the applicants who passed the second exam will number about 800.  The passers of the second stage are considered mentally and psychologically fit to join the police academy training.

Third Exam

Those who passed the second exam will then be called for a third exam and this time, it is the physical and medical tests.  Applicants will have to pass medical tests that will be conducted as well as meet the minimum requirements of physical aptitude and strength.

There will be x-rays, dental tests, height, and other medical tests to ensure that the candidate is ready to become a cadet in the academy.  As for the physical tests, expect to run a 100 meter dash, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, mini-marathon (5 laps around the field),and other tests that may be imposed to determine the readiness of each candidate.

After the third exam, the candidates will be further trimmed to around 350 to 400.  They will be the ones to join the reception rites that are traditionally held on the 1st day of may every year.  The reception rites is not a walk in the park as there are still candidates who quit because of hardship during that 40 minute ordeal.

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For more info about the PNPA entrance exams, please visit the official site of the academy at

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7 Responses to PNPA Entrance Exams

  1. jimto says:

    Hindi naman. Basta lang mag-review ka sa mga subjects na covered ng exam. Good Luck!

  2. dan says:

    mahirap po ba exam?

  3. jimto says:


    Send your application now to the PNPA addressed to the “Registrar.” You will receive a letter stating the date when the examination is scheduled and with it also the place that you have to go to take the exams. Hope you pass the exams. Good luck!

  4. Anonymous says:

    helow sir kelan po ang entrance exam ng pnpa?

  5. jimto says:

    Just go to the website of the PNPA at and download the application form. Follow the instructions given and send your application during the period for filing of application.


  6. jimboy palileo midtanggal says:

    how to apply pnpa exam

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