PNP Ranks And Insignia

Several years ago, the rank for the military and the Philippine police were the same.  That was because the PNP was one of the branches of the Armed forces.  Now, PNP personnel has a different title for its officers.  One of the main purpose is to project a civilian image that’s why the military ranking was dropped in favor of the current PNP ranks and insignia.

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For non-commissioned officers, It starts from PO1 up to SPO4. Through performance and/or schooling, an officer can be promoted to the next rank.  Even though non-commissioned personnel can reach only the rank of SPO4 status up to retirement, there were instances that some of them also reached the commissioned officer level due to continuous schooling and excellent performance record.

If you want to join the PNP as non-commissioned officer, an application form can be found here

 PNP Ranks Of Commissioned Officers

There are several career paths to become a PNP commissioned Officer.  One is to enroll at the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA), through lateral entry, and of course through promotion.  PNP ranks for commissioned officers start with Police Inspector all the way up to Police Director General

For the PNPA, it is available to applicants who are 17 to 21 years old at the time of entry in the academy.  The training and education will last for four years.  Graduates are given the rank of Police Inspector and they will be promoted based on performance and other set standards.

For lateral entry, the civilian profession as well as length of experience is taken into consideration for the rank to be given.  Lateral entry applicants into the PNP ranks usually get the rank of Police Inspector to Chief Inspector.

With the salary standardization law being applicable to Police personnel, their salary is increased automatically on periodic basis.

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5 Responses to PNP Ranks And Insignia

  1. jimto says:

    I think you got it mixed up..P/CI to P/SrSupt insignia looks more like Sampaguita than Anahaw.

  2. Emil says:

    Wrong. Those are Anahaw leaves. The national leaf of the Philippines. Pinsp to sr insp on the other hand are Sampaguitas, the national flower.

  3. jimto says:


  4. jimto says:

    Its a flower and not a sun.

  5. mon says:

    pci to srsupt. is that a floer or sun?

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