Patrick Antonio, Dicky Lim, Luding Boongaling Rule 2013 World Slasher Cup II

2013 World Slasher Cup IIThe recently concluded 2013 World Slasher Cup II  ended in a three-way tie for top honors with perennial Slasher Cup champion Patrick Antonio, Top bet Dicky Lim of Winslet Gamefarm, and wildcard Luding Boongaling. Each of the three champions has seven wins to show in this 8-cock international derby.

It’s the 5th Championship for Patrick Antonio at the World Slasher Cup

Patrick Antonio is a regular fixture in this tournament and the year 2013 is the 5th time he won the championship since 1997. Thus, he became champion in the years 1997/2000/2007/2011/2013. It is worth mentioning that he won using the same entry name he used in 2011 which is SAGUPAAN B50. Mr. Antonio had three entries in this latest edition of World Slasher Cup and luck favored his SAGUPAAN B50 entry.

Known as secretive in terms of how he prepares for conditioning and pointing his battlecocks, Mr. Antonio’s latest win will put him in the limelight even more and many cockers will try to again decipher how and where he gets his fighting cocks. It is not yet known at this point whether he used the same gamefowl bloodlines from breeder Tata Sala of Davao or from Bebot Uy also from Davao. One thing is for sure; Patrick Antonio will remain a llamado in any local derby circuit and expected to win more WSC championships in the future. Is there a Hall of Fame award waiting for Mr. Patrick Antonio?

It’s the 3rd Championship for Dicky Lim

Dicky Lim of Winslet Gamefarm registered his third championship and now has 2000/2006/2013 as the years to show where they dominated the World Slasher Cup. They won under the entry name El Nido and it is worth mentioning that their entry was the only one that dealt a loss to Patrick Antonio’s Sagupaan B50 entry. Dicky Lim finished the tourney with 7/1 win-loss record to share top honors with the two other champions.

Winslet Gamefarm is considered one of the heavyweights in local cockfighting scene and winning the 2013 World Slasher Cup II is a sweet addition to the many achievements they already have. It took a while before they again won the WSC but it is expected that they will still be a force to reckon in the future Slasher Cup.

Luding Boongaling Surprises at 2013 World Slasher Cup II

Out of nowhere a new name was added in the champions of World Slasher Cup and it is Luding Boongaling who won 7 points and went on to share top honors with Patrick Antonio and Dicky Lim. Boongaling joined the international derby with her LB Candelaria entry and bested a strong field of other contenders for the crown. Not much online information is available for Luding Boongaling as a cockfighter but the name is already known in local cockfighting circles. It is the first and there is strong potential that we might read and see more about this cockfighter in coming years.

It’s a Shut-out for Foreign Entries at 2013 World Slasher Cup II

It is once again no surprise that no foreign entry won in the 2013 World Slasher Cup II. For one, the usual names of big time American cockers were not in the line-up. It could be that they avoided this second edition of the tournament due to the heavy competition. Second, the Filipino cockers already have the materials and the facilities to really dominate the field so foreign entries or not, Filipino cockers cannot be denied.

I have actually written about some of the excellent Filipino breeders of gamecock bloodlines and you can read the article when you click the link above.

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