January Edition World Slasher Cup 2014 Solo Champion – J. Genesis Dubai-Gold

World Slasher Cup 2014The recently concluded part I of the World Slasher Cup 2014 betrayed popular expectations that the big guns in cockfighting will dominate the eight-day event. There was strong speculation that the perennial winners of this international derby will again corner the coveted WSC trophy but as it turned out, some of them were not even able to hurdle the semifinals. Instead, Vice-Mayor Jubee Navarro of Mabalacat Pampanga and Gary Guinto’s entry J. Genesis-Dubai gold emerged as solo champion after the grueling series.

 The final fight

The last fight of J. Genesis Dubai-Gold was against Escolin/EP Chuck Attack. They used a hennie for this final fight which is not a usual strategy for many cockers. The betting immediately went in favor of Escolin entry and the shouts of “Lo dyis” can be heard from the background. J. Genesis-Dubai Gold was the underdog here both in terms of their purse bet and also in the eyes of patrons because they are up against a very popular breeder and cocker in the person of Mr. Martin Escolin.

But when the fight started, the hennie displayed outstanding agility, intelligence, as well as rapid shuffling in the fight and emerged victorious in less than a minute with its opponent left lifeless wriggling on the ground. When declared winner, co-owner/handler Gary Guinto raised both his hands in triumph. Escolin’s entry settled for 6.5 points for runner-up honors

The 7-pointers

There are three 7 pointers when the derby ended and they are the entries of Butchoy Olano/Lito Roque, Raymond Velayo/Lito Cay, and Tony Marfori. Aside from the 7-pointers, equally impressive wins were shown by entries of Teng Ranola/Jesry Palmares/Boy Martinez, Atty. Jhun Mendoza, Luding Boongaling, and Mayor Egay Capuchino among others.

How much did J. Genesis-Dubai Gold won in pot money?

J. Genesis-Dubai gold scored a convincing 7.5 points in this 8-cock derby that had 317 entries from different countries. It was not officially announced how much the total pot was for this derby but judging from the number of entries, it can be deduced that the total pot winnings of J. Genesis Dubai-Gold could reach around P20 million, trophy and other pluses. But as mentioned, this is an unofficial calculation.

 A shutout for big local and foreign entries

Not a few speculated that the big local and foreign names in cockfighting are set to dominate again the first edition of World Slasher Cup 2014. Some of the big names have championships to show in the recent past so bets went heavily in their favor. As it turned out however, a relatively small player and unknown in international derbies for many patrons won the title this time around. It was also a jubilant moment for many dejadistas who stayed the course. Congratulations to Vice-Mayor Jubee Navarro and Mr. Gary Guinto.

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4 Responses to January Edition World Slasher Cup 2014 Solo Champion – J. Genesis Dubai-Gold

  1. jimto says:

    I stand corrected Vice. Thanks too f;or visiting. :)

  2. Jubee P. Navarro says:

    The hometown of Vice Mayor Jubee P. Navarro of J. GENESIS is MACABEBE not MABALACAT. FYI.

  3. jimto says:

    It really is a long process. But as long as you start with the right materials and a solid breeding program in tandem with good marketing strategy to maintain financial liquidity, everything is possible. Big time breeders have this approach. When it comes to materials, they also combine with other Cockers of the same caliber to come up with the finest selection for the WSC and other big ticket derbies. Thanks Eddie for your inputs.

  4. Eddie Isles says:

    Once I agree that WSC is not easy to capture the championship.It will take me 4 to 5 years before I will produce my 3 x winner stags & bullstags to be my candidates for this event. F-1 is to establish 2 x winner lines in 2 stag derbies, once F-1 battle stags is proven multi winner, I will create proven 2 x winner lines F-1 to produce my stags that will win twice in 2 stag derby, this is my cock for the limination round. Then stags than can win again 2 x times, this is my candidates in the semi-final & final. In order to accomplish my goal, I have to prodiuce at least 250 stags & select the best 75 stags that can win in less than 1 minute. I will sell most of the trio and excess stags to finance my breeding program & cock fighting of 75 stags. The 75 stags will undergo conditioning, training and those who can win after pointing will be ready to fight in 2 stag derbies. I will enter at least 3 entries in order to create my 1st one time winner stags.If I break-even, then I will enter the remaining stags until I have enough 1 x winner unsratched to fight again for the 2 nd time. F-2 stags has more speed, more power, & must be proven multi time winner in order to create our candidates for WSC big event. Atfer 2 more years, the multi time winnetr stags are mature enough to fight the big event. I will find a.financier at least 2 months before the fight & enter at least 3 entries. The video of their fight will attract some financier once they watch their 2 winning fight. What do think? It is hard but I have to do it. I hope it will help other cockers.

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