How to Choose a Gamecock for Conditioning

Gamecock for conditioning

Cockfighting aficionados have many approaches when it comes to selecting the ideal gamecock for conditioning. Conditioning is an important stage prior to the fight so cockers make sure that only the best roosters in the stable are introduced to this stage. Take note that the conditioning stage is meant only for your best cocks and not for those that did not show potential to be conditioned for the time being.

Choose a big one

Assuming that you have several gamecocks to choose from, select the ones with good body conformation. It is okay if the rooster is a bit fat as it can be trimmed easily during the conditioning period. Avoid choosing a rooster that has a thin body. It is better and faster to trim down and convert those fats into muscles than to build up muscles into a thin gamecock. Remember that conditioning is a short period that can last only for 21 days including the pointing stage so it is best to choose the fowl that is already in the good pre-con stage.

Select by sparring them

Sparring is one of the essentials in choosing a rooster for conditioning. In sparring, choose the gamecock that has the strongest and fastest strike as much as possible. There are many factors that are considered in sparring like the cutting ability, quickness, power and other factors. But if not all are present in your gamecock, it is better to go for the one with power in its strikes. You can check the power when you use a dummy cock in sparring. Having a multi-shuffler is good if you have this type of rooster but remember that with the long knife, even just one or two power strikes is enough to finish the opponent.

Prefer an aggressive rooster

When choosing a rooster to condition, observe their behavior in front of other roosters. Choose the one with an aggressive behavior or one that gets angry easily upon seeing another rooster. Avoid roosters that show a careless attitude in front of or so near an opponent. When a gamecock is not aggressive, it tends to be hit first and therefore not a good choice when you want to fight it even only in a hackfight.

Choose more than one.

If you intend to fight just one rooster, it is better to condition two or three. This will somehow ensure that you have a reserve come fight day. Big time cock fighters make it a point to prepare more and even double the number of those they will actually fight in derbies. But this is your choice and you can go with just one if it is what you want.

As mentioned, there are many ways that cockfighters select their ideal gamecock for conditioning. Your approach may not work for other cockers but as long as your method is giving you the needed win, then go for it and ignore other methods. Selection of gamecocks for conditioning is just the initial stage of the entire preparation. Once the conditioning stage begins, you have to use proper feeding, de-worming, vitamin supplements and other necessary considerations like regularly recording the weight to make sure that your fighting cock is in peak form when fight day comes.

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