Gamefowl Breeding for Beginners With Little Budget

gamefowl breeding

If you are a cock fighting enthusiast and spend most of your weekends in cockpits to bet on cock fights, there will come a time that you will want to consider gamefowl breeding to produce your own line of game cocks. This is the natural tendency as very few of those in love with the sport of cockfighting failed to metamorphose from a bettor to a breeder.


Unlike seasoned breeders however you have no expertise yet and also not familiar with the so-called breeds of fighting cocks.  There are just so many breeds out there that it is not easy to choose which among them is really the ideal for your taste.  Add to this is the expensive price when you want to buy from a big farm.  The price is sometimes too prohibitive and you’re also not sure if what they’re selling is really the premium line in their stock.

But still you want to persist in breeding your own line of fighting cocks instead of just betting in cockpits and salivating whenever you see an outstanding game fowl.  So here are the essentials gamefowl breeding if you are starting small and on a tight budget.

Gamefowl breeding

1.  Select the Best Brood Cock you can find

Gamefowl breeding does not mean you have to buy expensive stock for your breeding adventure to begin.  There are small backyard breeders where you can find a good rooster to be used as a brood cock.  Another source are those who are into maintaining and fighting cocks but not really into breeding.

Some Cock fighting enthusiasts just don’t have the effort to breed as it is time consuming.  They rely on new stocks coming from sources and will just give the rooster  the needed time for training and off they go to a cockpit to  test the rooster’s mettle.  You can buy from them some of their previous winners or ask that the winning cock to be mated to your choice of hen.

2.  The brood cock and the hen

When it comes to breeding game fowls, the age of the cock and the hen must have a disparity.  Either the cock is old and the hen is young and vice versa.  Never mate an old cock with an equally old hen or a young cock with also a young hen. Learn more about breeding basics by reading my other article on this topic.

3.  The size of the brood cock

It must not be too tall or too short.  You must be familiar with the natural size and height of a particular breed.  You have been a cock fighting aficionado for sometime so yu’re already familiar with the ideal size and height of a game fowl.

4.  The Feet and legs of both the hen and Brood cock

Take note that the physical attributes of both the hen and the brood cock will be transferred to the offspring.  If either parents are bow-legged, chances are they will come up with offsprings with the same fault.  Both the brood cock and the hen must stand squarely with good distance between the feet.

5.  The Cockscomb (Palong)

If you’re getting a brood cock and seeing it for the first time, get assurance from the seller that it is proven in terms of being prolific.  A cockcscomb can tell you if the rooster has no defects in terms of siring offsprings. Often, a cock that has a limpy comb tends to have poor siring potential.

6.  The hen

Your hen must have naturally good built and with tail feathers angled at about 45 degrees,  Don’t choose a hen that has low or very high tail feather set as it is not a good sign of phenotype that can be physically inherited by its off spring.

7.  Battle Cross and In-breeding

If you are a beginner, it is best to start your breeding with a battle cross.  This means the hen and the rooster are not of the same breed.  Being of different breed will lessen the possibility of having faults or genetic anomalies that can normally show in the phenotypes of inbred lines.
gamefowl breeding

Some breeders prefer game fowl breeding using a single cock rotated with 3 hens.  This is okay as it can maximize the chances of getting quality offspring.  Just make sure that you have 3 different hens mated to a single rooster.  Cage the hens separately so you can properly identify later what breed the offspring came from. Very important is to keep records of your breeding program. Identify properly what hen produced a batch of chicks so you can see later on which of them to continue propagating and which should be culled.

Gamefowl breeding is also exciting and may require a lot of your attention yes.  But at the same time it can give you a feeling of accomplishment later on especially if you are able to develop a good fighting line that will make you the envy of your fellow cockers. You have to be ready to meet the challenges of being a gamecock breeder and you can get a head start by knowing the problems normally encountered in breeding gamecocks by also reading my article on this topic.

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