Facilities You Need for Gamecock Conditioning

Facilities You Need for Gamecock Conditioning

After successfully breeding your chosen bloodline, the next thing that you have to prepare is gamecock conditioning. Whether you are intending to fight a stag or an aged cock, you must have the facilities that can help in conditioning your roosters.

The following are basic necessities in your facility to properly condition gamecocks.


It is important to develop strength in your fighting cocks that is why a flying pen is a must. it must be high enough like 8 feet tall with a nesting post which should be minimum of four feet in height. The height can be increased to six feet when it becomes easy for the rooster to reach. The idea is to make them fly and develop muscles in both wings and legs.

Scratch Pen

To develop the leg muscles of the rooster, you need to have a scratch pen. Some breeders use the flying pen as a scratch pen at the same time. All you need to do is put dried corn leaves inside and the rooster will begin to scratch. To encourage them to scratch a lot, throw in a few corn grits two to four the most.

Cording area

You must also have a vacant lot with grass that will serve as the cording area. The roosters are normally fed in the cording area. It is also the area where they can eat some grass and get sunshine especially in the morning.


The tepee is important and must be in the cording area. This will serve as the roof of the gamecock from rain or too much heat from the sun. A lot of cockers let the rooster spend the night in the cording area but it is advisable to return them into the flypen late in the afternoon to force them to fly to the roosting hanger when it gets dark..


When conditioning a gamecocks, it is necessary to let them see a hen nearby. It helps them become more agile and alert when they see a female roaming around. Just make sure that mating is prevented between them.

Simulated ring

It is also important that you have a portion of your facility for sparring purposes. The simulated ring must have artificial lighting from fluorescent lights. Your gamecock must be trained to see clearly with artificial lights. Sparring should be done with fluorescent lights. This will train your rooster to anticipate that when he gets in the ring, it is time to fight.

Sound system

You don’t really need a public address system as long as your audio can belt out a loud sound. The rooster must be trained to fight while loud blaring sound is present. When he gets into your simulated ring and the loud sound begins, you should start the sparring session. This will condition the mind of the rooster that every time he gets into the ring and suddenly there is a loud sound all over, that he is about to fight so he gets excited and alert.

Work-out table

You should also have a work-out table ready for your rooster’s table exercises. Aside from naturally developing their wings and legs through flypens and scratch pens, you also have to introduce a training regimen for them to hasten the development of their muscles as well as agility and alertness.

These are just the facility you need for gamecock conditioning. Aside from the above-mentioned, you also need to be ready to feed them properly, inject vitamins, and apply other techniques to make them ready for the fight.

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