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Cock fighting aficionados all over the world have leanings when it comes to their ideal bloodline for a fighting cock. It could be because of experience gained over the years breeding different gamefowl bloodlines or it could be because of personal preference. This is also true in the case of small time breeders and even those who just play the sport of cock fighting and not really into the nitty-gritty part of breeding.  Some cockers even have a bias when it comes to the color of a gamefowl and they would stick to it no matter what.

The gamefowl bloodline plays an important part in the whole selection and breeding process.  Even if the most expensive nutrients and vitamins are supplied, if the bloodline is already suspect, then no amount of training can make up for the deficiency in genetics.  This is the reason why a lot big time local breeders go to such length to find the ideal rooster bloodline for them.

There are actually a lot of dependable bloodlines that can be chosen and it is just a matter of preference in most cases as well as the source of the fighting cocks.  As mentioned, every cock fighting enthusiast has their own preference.  Some want a flyer, others are looking for multi-shufflers, there are also those looking for ground fighters as well as breeds that are intelligent and not overly aggressive.  But some cockers want their bloodlines to be really game and hot headed.

One thing that must be pointed out is that each gamefowl bloodline has specific characteristics that are inherent in the genetics of that particular bloodline.  You cannot expect a bloodline known for its cutting ability to be suddenly an excellent flyer and straper.  This is the reason why some breeders prefer Kelso over a roundhead, a lemon over a hatch and many other bloodlines.

Some big time breeders however, make sure that they have all the major bloodlines in their stock so they can experiment and produce an ideal battle cock for them.  They will then give their own hybrid its own name like Lemon 84 of Mr. Paeng Araneta.  Having many breeds of cock is important because there will come a time that a new bloodline  must be infused to improve and refresh the old genetics.

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3 Responses to Choosing The Ideal Gamefowl Bloodline

  1. Ramir says:

    It is really true. It is just a matter of preference in most cases. what is important is that you have the major bloodlines for you to infuse, to experiment, until you can achieve your preferred style because each and everyone of us has different preferred style of fighting.

  2. jimto says:

    Hello Teddy,

    Thank you very much for reading the article. I have some ideas about it but not really applying it to my cockfighting ventures. May be in the near future I would be writing about it. Just visit from time to time or better yet, subscribe so you can receive alerts of new posts through email.

    Many thanks again.


  3. Teddy Quicho says:

    Sir, hope you can come up with an article on another superstitious belief of Filipino cockers re-lunar phases, first quarter, etc.

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