Breeding Gamefowl to Make Money

Breeding gamefol to make money

If you’re a cockfighting aficionado, there is a very good chance that the idea of breeding gamefowl to make money has entered your mind. With millions of chickens harvested in cockpits every day, it is only natural to think of the business potential of gamecock breeding. It is not easy for sure especially for a beginner but at the same time it is not impossible.

Here are some tips on how you can make money out of breeding gamefowl.

You must have enough space

Space is the first thing that you must have when you are planning to breed gamefowl. The size of the farm will dictate how many you can produce every season. The smaller the available space, it follows that the lesser heads you can produce. It is not good to put the chickens especially the younglings to a crowded space as it can result in diseases that can increase the mortality. This is the reason why some breeders contract other people where they can transfer some of their stock when the farm is already crowded.

Decide how many heads you want to produce and be realistic

Having a plan on how many heads you want to produce in relation to the space that you have is important right from the start. This means you have to start with the appropriate number of hens and broodcocks. The more hens you want to produce eggs, the more eggs you will have to hatch.

Choose several gamecock bloodlines

If you want to make money out of breeding gamecocks, you have to have several bloodlines. This will give the buyer the chance to choose which among your bloodlines they want to buy. Very few commercial breeders concentrate on just one or two bloodlines. They make it a point that they have all the major strains to make sure that the buyers have a choice. Some buyers also have leanings on what bloodlines are good for them so if you are starting small, you should start with the most famous gamefowl bloodlines as much as possible.

“Gamecock breeding can be a business for both rich and ordinary cockfighting aficionados.”

Know what gamecock bloodlines to mix

Time will come that you will try to cross-breed different bloodlines and therefore you must be familiar with the ideal bloodlines to cross. It is a matter of preference in most cases but the dictates of customers take center stage in most cases. It would be advisable to develop your own bloodline later on and test them in the pit. If you can record good winning percentage, you will become known and many aficionados will pursue you to buy gamecocks.

Familiarize with the different breeding methods

It is important to also be familiar with the different breeding methods that can be used. You have to choose the appropriate breeding method for you.

Avoid in-breeding for starters

If you want to make money out of breeding gamecocks, then you must avoid in-breeding especially from the start. In-breeding is not meant to produce roosters for the pit. If you want to produce good fighting cocks for sale, you have to cross-breed as the vigor of a hybrid is the genes needed for a cockfight. Hybrid vigor is what breeders are always looking for that is why they cross breed different bloodlines.

Advertise your gamefarm

Once you have the stock for sale, you have to let cockfighting aficionados to know about it. You can do this even before your stocks are available. You have to learn how to promote your gamecock breeding business whether offline or online. Word of mouth plays an important role in the business of selling fighting cocks. You might need to join derbies or hackfights to become known as a breeder.

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